Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I am feeling down today and I think it's a direct result of the quote above. I keep comparing myself to others, thinking I'm not good enough. Thinking, "Oh, I should have done this internship. . . Oh, I should have gotten that job. . .Oh, maybe I should have majored in that." I can't really explain what it is I'm feeling. I guess I'm feeling at a loss because I know my last year of school is upon me. And while most people in my same position seem to have their lives figured out. . .I do not. I have no clue what I want to do career-wise and I'm jealous of those who do. Not knowing makes me feel like I've already failed. 

  • Today, as I sat through my Child Guidance class, all I wanted in life was a Snickers bar. I couldn't stop thinking about that chocolate and caramel goodness. After class, I bought one, and I can honestly say that the whole world became perfect in the two minutes it took for me to eat it. 

  • I get real irritated with the PINK clothes made by Victoria's Secret that aren't at all the color pink. Something about a green sweatshirt that says PINK across it just doesn't sit well with me. But I have nothing against you if you wear the stuff. It's cute and it looks comfy. . .it's just a weird quirk I have. 

  • Did anyone else feel like the new Bourne movie ended very abruptly? Like I don't feel like that movie solved anything for me. 

  • On the subject of movies, you should go see this for sure, or this if you don't have children with you. Both made me laugh and cry. So great. 

  • My little brother is at USU with me now, and it makes me excited. I know I probably irritate him, but I really like that I get to have more time with him before he goes on his two year mission with the LDS church. 

  • I think I'll go listen to this song on repeat while painting my toenails red now.  


  1. Something is going on in Blogland today.
    I think we are all pms-ing.

    and I could really go for a snickers.

  2. You know, I think we never REALLY figure out what or who we're supposed to be. I think the biggest thing you can try is to be the best person God wants you to be. And then you'll be okay.
    PS: the snickers comment was really weird - I hunted out one of those packages of Nibs - and gobbled them down in less than 10 minutes flat.


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