Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Best: Light as a Feather

top: Delia's, skirt: Ross, heels: Payless, bracelets: Vanity, earrings: Target

It has been miserably hot and dry over the last week. And thanks to all the surrounding wildfires, my beautiful valley is full of smoke. I am supposed to run a half marathon next weekend. If the great outdoors continue to smell like burnt plastic, I may have to invest in an inhaler.

And the reason I know what burnt plastic smells like is because I once put a plastic container on the oven to make mac n cheese. That moment still continues to haunt me whenever I use an oven. I've come a long way, people. I haven't had such unfortunate cooking incidents in quite some time (knock on wood). 

Because of the heat and the awful smell, I have little motivation to wear clothes. But, clothes must be worn in order to keep my criminal record clean from any public indecency marks. So in the course of such a dilemma, I turn to light, breathable clothing and constantly eat ice cream. This skirt is exactly what I'm talking about: breathable and light as a feather. And it also doesn't hurt to wear an owl inspired shirt, since owls have feathers too.

I wore this outfit on Thursday when I went to the fair. The farm animals didn't smell too pleasant, it was dusty, hot, I was sweaty, but at least my clothes were cute. 

I think I'll continue to pray for rain. . .and in the meantime, I'll keep wishing it was okay to just go places naked. 

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  1. You can have some of our rained! It has literally rained every day for like a week. It's so annoying. But I guess I would take that over wildfires any day. Your outfit is super cute! That shirt is perfect paired with that skirt <3


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