Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Instagrams & Milk: Cedar City Edition

This past Saturday consisted of one fun thing after another. On Friday afternoon, Brian came home a bit early from work, we packed a bag and jumped in the truck to take off for Southern Utah.

 Months ago, we purchased tickets to Les Miserables which is showing in Cedar City as a part of the Shakespearean Festival. We figured it could be a little gift for our anniversary. The show was Saturday afternoon, so we drove up Friday to stay with my great uncle and aunt.

Saturday morning, we went on a fantastic hike nearby. It consisted of splashing through water, walking through slot canyons, and scaling up waterfalls (and maybe some lizard chasing too).

Then we cleaned up and watched Les Miserables. And that consisted of beautiful music and me bawling (I won't mention if Brian bawled or not). This was my first time seeing the musical and it was just lovely. Now I just want to read the book again.

Then we ate dinner at Applebees and used gift cards from our wedding to pay for it. That consisted of a yummy burger and fries, all complete with chocolaty cake for dessert. Oh, and we ended up having 14 dollars left from our gift cards, so we decided to act like high rollers and give it all to our waitress as a tip.

Then on the way home, we stopped by a beautiful wedding reception. Which consisted of hugging our friends, Jade and Bailey and then taking a bag of colorful candy for the road. Oh, and we may or may not have given them a cactus for their gift. Who gets awarded most original gift-givers? I think it's the Wellers!

Well, there, I just summed up our busy (yet fantastic) Saturday. I'll shut up now and just leave you with all the pictures I instagrammed on the four hour ride home.

This is my face that says, "I'd rather have diarrhea than drive through Utah County." 

Oh hi, crazy cool sunset 

Oh hi, crazy cool hike 

Kanarraville Falls 

Brian talked me into doing this pose. 

Exploring ze wilderness

That water was chilly! Yet refreshing. 

Standing by a gushing waterfall. And yes, sometimes I wear belly shirts. 

Lover boy 

Perfectly content

Aaahhh, it was so good! 

Bailey Rae, doing her thing, being a beautiful bride. 

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  1. Kelsey I just adore you. What a nice weekend :)

    1. Weekends are always nice :). This one, however, kind of wore me out!

      PS-I adore you too. Our feelings are mutual.


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