Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Best: Fashionably Late

earrings: Kohls, top: Kohls, capris: Delia's, wedges: Payless 

Yeah, okay, so it's Monday. I get it. Pardon me, but I didn't get home from a little weekend vacay until last night. And then the last thing I wanted to do was blog, especially since yesterday it was mine and BWell's first anniversary! So I was spending time with him.

 However, I still have Sunday Best pics I'd like to share. They are very flattering pictures taken in front of a blindingly colorful building in which my forehead is shining and my eyes are squinting since the sun was blazing into my face (whew, that was a mouthful). 

I think I'd wear this outfit to a Cinco de Mayo party. I'm not sure why. I guess the colors and the flowery top make me feel like eating chips and salsa and whacking a pinata with a stick. Too bad it's not May. But it will be one day. And when it is, I'll wear this to a Cinco de Mayo party and I'll make sure to be fashionably late for that too. But more like a few minutes late. Not a day late. Or else the party might be over.  

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