Monday, March 26, 2012

Walking My Cat

I know what your thoughts at this exact moment are.

First, you are probably thinking: "Is that a cat harness? And is it actually called a 'Come With Me Kitty'?"

Yes, that is a cat harness and yes, it is called a 'Come With Me Kitty'.

You are also thinking: "Is this for real?"

And yes, it's very real.

Now you might possibly be thinking, "What kind of idiot would actually buy that?"

The Wellers are. We are the idiots who purchased the 'Come With Me Kitty' harness. Our tender little hearts just thought, "Oh, poor Luna should get the opportunity to explore the great outdoors just as a dog does." So we ordered that cat harness online and it arrived on our doorstep last Friday. Sunday we got brave and decided to test the waters with the harness and took Luna to the park.

I now know what it feels like to be the weirdo at the park, guys. Everyone there stared. Some even pointed. Many adults walked up to us in awe (others trying not to laugh) commenting that they'd never seen anyone walk a cat before. Many little girls wandered up to us and asked, "Can I pet your kitty?"

Luna mostly walked us. When we tried to pull her in our desired direction, she just gave us a big-eyed stare and plopped over to the ground in defeat.

We will probably be putting the 'Come With Me Kitty' away in a drawer for a while, as well as avoid the park. Brian and I need the chance to rebuild our self-esteem and confidence. So does Luna.



  1. hahahahaa this makes me want a cat just so I can walk it. This is SO funny!

  2. I think this is hilarious and you should walk her all the time! :)

  3. HAHAHAA - hilarious!
    great blog you've got.

  4. I've even seen these collars for bunnies! I think it's brilliant because what animal wants to stay confined only to their house or yard! If I had a cat I'd get one! :D

  5. OMG Kelsey. What are you guys thinking. I've learned all my craziness from you. That shocked me. I never knew you would go that far with your cat. I still love you though. :)


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