Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Best: The Spring of Things

The weather in Northern Utah has just been awesome this week. I mean, people in Cali and Florida would still be wearing sweaters and boots probably, but not here. It was above 60 degrees almost every day this week, which means it was time to shed the layers, and sport some sandals and blind people with all the white skin we've been hiding. Utah has these crazy mood swings though, so who knows, it could just snow this week.

top: Smith's Market, capris: American Eagle Outfitters, sandals: Fashion Box, scarf: TaiPan, earrings: Vanity

So thank you, Utah, for gracing us with some of your beauty. I loved the fact that I got to wear capris and sandals on Friday. Of course I couldn't completely put my trust in your hands, because you have crazy spring time mood swings, so I still wore a scarf. 


  1. I'm that scarf's number one fan right now. and those shoes. So cute.

  2. oh gosh, you are seriously just the cutest, girl. and utah weather was absolutely incredible this weekend. of course, in true utah fashion it hailed earlier this morning. oh utah! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. eeps! you are literally so cute. so so adorable. too adorable for words. *why am i trying to use words to describe it then?! go figure. ;)

    i hope your day is going so amazing.


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