Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Best: Luck of the Irish

I suppose it's time to get back into the swing of things. Spring break is over, and I'll be waking up early for class tomorrow morning. I guess I'll start getting into the swing of things by posting my usual Sunday Best. Yesterday (Saturday) was the first day in a while that I've actually been dolled up in an actual outfit. Before that it was beach wear while on our trip, and when we got home it was old t-shirts and jeans so I could pack things and scrub floors. So it felt good to put some green on and celebrate a little St. Patrick's Day.

 shirt: maurices, skirt: Forever21, belt: JC Penny's, boots: Zappos, earrings: Claire's 

Side note: We took these pics in front of our glorious new apartment. It's very quaint and doesn't have drab white walls, which basically makes my heart sing. I love me some color! More about our move and the new place in the future!  


  1. you look great! and what a cute little apartment :)

  2. Creepily I'm going to tell you I stumbled upon your blog, and it is rather fantastic. You're adorable, clever, and I like your blog excessively. That is all.


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