Friday, March 16, 2012

Excuse My Absence

I've been in Hawaii for the last week. Just got back yesterday. And when I go on vacations, I really go on vacation meaning I'm almost impossible to get in touch with. I keep my phone off and my laptop closed. The one piece of technology I continue using is my camera and occasionally my iPod. Apparently I hate technology so much while vacationing that I lost my phone on the trip. It fell out of my pocket on the plane. And after the kind flight attendants assisted me in climbing around on our hands and knees through the aisles and finding nothing, I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Oh well. I don't like my cell phone that much any ways." But I really don't. I just hate that anyone and everyone can get a hold of me whenever they want. I might like cell phones more now though, because today Brian got me a new phone and this one is a smart phone. The phone I lost was a razor, you see. The phone that everyone had in middle school, back when the razor was so cool, and back when I didn't even have a cell phone yet. So apparently I'm moving up in the world. I'm so excited to play Words with Friends now. It will be glorious.

 I got a bit off topic, but that was basically the story of why I haven't been blogging. Because I traded in being a blogger for being a beach bum for a while and it was oh so nice. The vacation ended way too soon. But maybe that's because I was dreading coming back to Utah since we now have to move to a new apartment. Bummer. I despise moving. Especially when I'm all jet-lagged. So again, you may not be hearing from me for the next few days since I'll be vacuuming carpets and organizing pots and pans. How splendid. On a positive note, I now have a walk-in closet. I always dreamed of what it would feel like to have my own walk-in closet. Back in high school, I was jealous of my friends with walk-ins, although I never admitted that to any of them. Now I have my very own. I hung my clothes in it today and about drooled on the floor. I think I could just live in there and be happy. I'm really moving up in the world: a smart phone and a walk-in closet all in the same week.

I hope to document my adventure in Paradise real soon. And get moved into my new place real soon. And figure out how to work my new phone real soon. But aside from all the things I must get done real soon, I am a very lucky little girl. Brian and I actually realized when we were on our flight going to Hawaii that it had been exactly a year since he proposed to me on a sandy beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And a year later we were on our way to Hawaii. I have a feeling I have many adventures ahead of me being married to that BWell of mine.

Beach in Mexico 
Beach in Hawaii 

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