Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Some Hawaiian sky

  • Never in my life have I longed for summer so badly. This has been a rough semester of school. The finish line is in sight, and I'm going to collapse after I cross it. 

  • I've been stressing about my future lately. After doing a self-evaluation, I think it's time to stop stressing and trust in some things greater than myself. It will all work out. It always does. :) 

  • Brian used to eat really healthy before he met me. Then he met me and his life was destroyed and his calorie intake skyrocketed. I just love food is all. I love to indulge in it. I love letting all the flavor just soak into my taste buds. However, I've decided to help Brian out by finding our way onto this healthy food path. It will be quite the journey, and I guarantee that I'm going to wander from the path on various occasions, but it might be fun to try eating healthier. Healthy food is not as fun to eat. But I will admit, I made a salad over the weekend and after eating it I felt quite. . .refreshed. It was different. And nice. 

  • I am one of those people who won't shop at Wal-Mart. I had a professor tell us once that we all have to have one thing we hate. His was Mac computers. Mine is Wal-Mart. And TOM shoes. And Twilight. But I won't rant about my hates. I'll keep them to myself. 

  • My mother is funny. My sister told me the other day she was looking up things on the computer to say instead of 'good' or 'bad' when people ask you how you are. So I decided to test her research the other day and I asked her how she was. She looked at the sky, squinted her eyes and thought for a second until she excitedly replied, "I'm so happy that I'm trying not to dance." I dare you to say that to the next person that asks how you are.

How are you any ways? Happy Tuesday night!

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  1. First, I just love your mom so thanks for adding in that bit about her (I am going to email her with another response that one of my college friends ALWAYS gave). Second, that little comment on the Tom shoes makes me laugh. They are all the rage here and I even tried them on once and I tried to like them b/c they come with a cool story, but I just can't and I am not even stylish.

    Good luck with school - it sounds pretty rough.


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