Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If Today Wa a Song: "Sway Your Head"

On occasion, I really miss having music on my blog. The day I removed my playlist, a piece of my heart got removed too. Okay, not really, but in all reality, I do miss the tunes every now and again. So I thought, "Why not share a song every once in a while?"

So I've decided to now and again share a song of inspiration. Think of it as 'If Today Wa a Song'. And if today was a song . . . it would have to be "Sway Your Head" by We Shot the Moon.

Today was pretty rough for me. Exhausting. Just mentally and physically exhausting. But I can't help but kind of laugh at it all. If life weren't stressful and hard sometimes, then we'd never progress. And I'm all about progression. I mean, remember when I was fifteen and didn't have a clue how to apply eyeliner? Yeah, progression is good. So I suppose that today I have progressed. And things always work out. At the end of the day, I still get to come home to my kitty and my Brian, and Brian kisses my head and we eat nice, warm food for dinner.

Now enjoy the song, performed by some dashing young men. My favorite line of the song: Did you see the sunrise that came up for you? Seriously, such a good perspective on things.

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