Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Best: Paper Hearts & Chocolate Bars

The past week was basically a nightmare. Everything that could have gone wrong . . . went wrong. I had zero time for fun. Zero time for blogging. And, along with that, zero time to even think about the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. I haven't cut a single heart out of paper and I've made no major chocolate purchases. Valentine's Day is on Tuesday? Say what?

If it helps any, I did throw on a heart necklace for church today. And I wore red shoes too. But that's about all I've got.

 heels: Shoe Carnival, tights: Kohls, skirt: Maurices, shirt: Ross

Happy day of love to you all! May we each have time to do something semi-romantic and make ourselves sick off chocolate bars. 


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  1. i am loving those red shoes! i need a pair just like those.


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