Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Truth Tuesday

I haven't done a Truth Tuesday in a while. So why not do one today, I thought, before I run off to my African Dance class, and then after that, a study session.

A few truths for you. Random things that have been bouncing around in this head of mine.

  • Today I ate one of those yogurt whips. The flavor was chocolate mousse. Sounds good, but it wasn't. With every spoonful, I felt like gagging. Probably because it was like I was eating thrown up pudding. Really sweet tasting thrown up pudding. 

  • Nakedness makes me laugh. I know, I'm so immature. But every time I'm in the locker room at the gym and run into a naked lady, I just have this strange sensation of wanting to giggle. 

  • I am trying to stay real focused for the next week. Because next Thursday, I'm getting on a plane and taking off for Hawaii. Talk about the most rad thing to happen to me all month. Brian and I were planning on a rather boring spring break, but then my mom randomly talked to me yesterday and we arranged this spur of the moment trip. Aloha to that. 

  • After we get home from our amazing trip with my family, Brian and I will be moving to a new apartment. We've been keeping it on the down low. But I'll tell you more about that story in time to come. Guess I better start gathering up cardboard boxes. 

  • It is my least favorite week this week. It's elections week at Utah State University. This means I have to walk to all my classes and stare solidly at the ground as to not make eye contact with any of the overbearingly friendly people who want me to vote for them. And this also means that every time I get on facebook, I feel so proud when I see I have 18 notifications, only to find out they are all about different support groups I was added to against my will. Talk about a let down.

And just so you won't feel let down that there is no picture on this post, here is a random picture from two summers ago of me on a horse. A much bigger me. Because that me was on USU's track team and lifted weights religiously and drank lots of protein shakes. Good times.


  1. Three things:
    1. I have to go to the gym already dressed because I am way too immature to be dealing with naked people all around me. love it.
    2.Super jealous about Hawii. We're going in Novemeber, but I wish we were going now. Also, I hear the state liquor store is full of empty boxes they don't want.
    and 3. I only talk to people during election week if they're giving away swag. Same with housing fairs. And I give them fake names and numbers.

    and 4. I love the horse.

  2. I read my comment over and I meant I love that you are equally as immature as I am when it comes to naked people. Not that I love naked people.


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