Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Best: Ghost

Here's a last minute Sunday Best for all ya'll.

And just so you know, I was embarrassed of the following pictures. The reason being because I look like a ghost.

Quick story so you'll understand why you can now call me Kelsey the Friendly Ghost (Casper aint got nothin' on me). You see, this last week, I completely ran out of my foundation. And when I say completely ran out, I mean the sides of the bottle were wiped clean. You see, unlike my usual Wet and Wild and Covergirl purchases, I like to buy Estee Lauder foundation. Which is probably not expensive for many makeup loving ladies. But it's a little more expensive for me. So I made sure to get my money's worth with that bottle. Well, when I purchased it, I'm pretty sure it was late spring/early summer of last year. So I was much more tan than I am right now. Which means during the last few months, I've been living in denial, strolling about with an orange face. Yep, I've been one of those tacky looking girls where my neck probably doesn't match my face color at all. It's fine. I didn't want to face reality and realize I really needed to go three shades lighter! Which happened after the makeup lady sat me down and showed me that the three shades lighter actually matched my skin tone.

And she kept saying things like, "Wow girl, you get really tan in the summer."

And I asked her, "Well, what do I do in a few months when I get tan?"

And she answered with, "Many women buy two bottles. They have their summer shade and their winter shade."

And I thought to myself, "Hmmm, sounds like someone wants to make more sales."

But I guess for now, I will waltz around, looking like a ghost. Hey, maybe I'll even try walking through walls. Luckily, since these pictures were taken on Friday, I think I've mastered a way to look less ghost-like by using a generous amount of bronzer and blush. At least it feels very generous.

Oh dear, if anyone has any make-up tips, please give them to me. I know nothing. Now feast your eyes upon some cheetah print flats, red pants, red lips, and a very transparent looking girl.

 bow top: Forever 21, red pants: Kohl's, cheetah flats: Pac-Sun, earrings: vintage


  1. I NEED red pants. and cheetah shoes. and you don't look like a ghost. I promise.

  2. Try Jergens Natural glow. I use this all year long. It is good for a tanned look and moisturizer!!!

  3. I use the bronzer I use in the summer but mix in a light colored blush during the winter to give my face a shimmery bronze glow but stay truer to my winter colors and away from the fabled orange face winter syndrom. (also going tanning every so often is an amazing cure for the ghost like quality our skin takes on:)


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