Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Shooting Some Pool on a Friday Night

Occasionally, we spend Friday nights at the local bar in town. Which the majority of people in this town don't do. Which is probably strange to the rest of the world. We have plenty of pizza parlors and ice cream shops, but not a lot of bars. This is because not a lot of people around here drink alcoholic beverages. But we like our greasy pizza and ice cream sundaes.

Brian and I don't drink, but we kind of like the atmosphere of a bar every now and again. They have great food, a jukebox, and hourly rates on pool tables.

So Friday night, we flashed our ids at the bouncer, ordered mugs of Coca-Cola and played game after game of pool. We also snapped a couple quick pictures on Brian's phone, and chuckled at the couple on the table next to us since they were so drunk they couldn't even hit the white ball, let alone line it up with another ball on the table.

I don't think I've ever received as many odd looks as I do when I enter the bar atmosphere. It's probably because I'm fairly innocent, and it shows in my appearance. I'll have to contemplate getting a snake tattoo around my bicep with the words "Deadly". That'll trick 'em. 

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