Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Best: Caging the Beast

I'm breaking out like I'm thirteen again and for the past week I've felt as if all my clothes fit me awkwardly. I've  been tempted once or twice to drop out of school and just move to a beach in some foreign country and sell t-shirts with funny sayings on them. And I'd let my hair grow out and never comb it so I would end up with some wicked dreds and life would just be oh so chill. But then I remember that education is important. . .yadda yadda yadda. . .I want my degree. . .blah blah blah.

I really do enjoy school. I love learning new things. It's exhilarating. I just hate how much it consumes my life sometimes. And I just want to have a free schedule where I don't have to meet a deadline or stress about getting a project done. You see, I have this perfectionist living within me, usually I keep her caged up, but every now and again she escapes and makes my life treacherous. And I go crazy and just want to kill her so I can enjoy life. Because life should be enjoyed.

So on Saturday, I compromised a bit, I worked on homework during the day and by night, I partied it up a bit. We went with one of our favorite couples, Drew and Megan, to dinner and a movie. Then we even indulged in a shake after. And I wore an outfit that made me feel so free and fine, and the makeup on my face even seemed to cover up my zitty face a bit. Life was good.

shoes: Target, floral print skinnies: Forever 21, top: Dillard's, feather earrings: Claire's, 

I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow with my day off. Catch up on work and then play a little later in the day. Maybe think of some way to honor all my US Presidents. We'll see if I can stay focused, and we'll also see how long I can keep the perfectionist beast on her leash.

I love you readers out there. Enjoy life for me, will ya? Besides cute outfits, I recommend: yoga, bubble baths, cuddling, running, laughing, petting puppies, and drinking chocolate milk.

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  1. I feel like moving to the coast all the time and becoming a surf bum and stuff. wish I could but you're right. school is important laddyda....and I love your red pants.


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