Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sealed With a Kiss

I know everyone is sick of the posts about Valentine's Day. So I'll go ahead and apologize.

I'm sorry.

Valentine's Day is pretty cool I suppose. I feel like I don't appreciate it as much as some people, and I also don't hate it as much as some people. I mean, it's nice. It's nice getting a card in the mail from your grandma and a box of delectable chocolates from your parents. It's nice having your husband take you out to dinner so you don't have to worry about cooking. . .not that I would know because I usually don't cook and we usually do eat out (maybe one day I'll get better at that). But that stuff is all very nice. It's nice to celebrate love. I wish we could make a bigger deal out of celebrating love though, you know what I mean? Get school and work off or something. Because Valentine's Day just shadows in comparison to Christmas, the 4th of July, and Halloween (my three favorite holidays). But oh well, I'm all about celebrating, I think I'm just a bit bummed because Brian and I were so busy that we didn't have a lot of time to celebrate Valentine's Day. But the time we did have was top notch.

In a nutshell, this is what happened:

  • Monday night, Brian had a night class, so I waited for him to get home and then we went to dinner at about eight. We went to Le Nonne. It's one of my most favorite restaurants ever. They make homemade Italian food. If you ever go, try the spinach ravioli. The sauce that covers it is to die for! After dinner, we bought a cheesecake platter at the grocery store, because cheesecake is the most romantic dessert of all desserts. We also bought a heart-shaped balloon. It just sounded like a fun thing to do. And then I made Luna chase the balloon string all about the kitchen because I'm an animal torturer like that.

  • On actual Valentine's Day, I was busy all day long with school projects. I did get to visit a chocolate factory though and see how they make chocolates. I shot it all with my camera and later went up to campus to edit it. Then I had African Dance that night, and since I have already racked up so many absences, I went early and stayed longer so I could make them up. All that hip swaying and head bobbing for three hours wore me right out and I didn't arrive home until ten at night. But BWell and I exchanged gifts. It was nice.

Below are pictures to prove that what I just told you is real. Also, this was mine and Brian's first Valentine's Day as married hooligans, but it was actually our third Valentine's Day spent together. He's been such a good Valentine the last three years that I think I'll keep him. Probably forever actually.

 Delicious calamari at Le Nonne

In the middle picture, I had just whacked the light fixture with my balloon. You can tell from the look on my face.
 Sometimes I wrap presents with all the newspaper we have. It works. 

 We only had one razor scooter. Now since we'll have two, our rides in the summertime will be much more enjoyable.
Brian did well. He got me a gift certificate for 2 one hour massages (one of which I'm getting tomorrow). And since I was gross and sweaty, I just made Luna pretend to me. Did I fool you? 


  1. I was fooled! you and Luna, wow, identical. ;) That sounds like such a fun day. I like you guys.

    1. We really are basically identical. Seriously. I just started following your blog. It's adorable!


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