Sunday, February 12, 2012


Brian and I woke up this morning with very little motivation to go to church. Yeah, we're naughty kids. But let's be honest, every once in a while it just happens.

Round of applause to us, we set aside the ideas of playing sick and trudged our way to church, me in heels and Brian with a tie knotted neatly around his neck.

However, we did accidentally get distracted and started doodling during the time we probably should have been listening. We played the animal duel game. You know, where you take turns drawing an animal that will kill the animal drawn before? It's a delightful game. So if you haven't played, try it sometime. But maybe not during church.

The little kitty was the last animal created. Brian drew it, and he also made a collar and wrote Luna across it. So I guess he won, but he won with a cheap shot. How could I kill Luna? And Brian made claim that Luna has the ability to kill all creatures, which is probably true.

We are going to be such bad influences on our children.


  1. Something must've been in the air! We had to drag our sorry bums to church as well :) And don't worry.... we babysat 5 boys last week and during church Eric pulled out his phone to show them pictures and play games. Such a good example :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the most genius game for church!! I can't wait for Sunday!
    Whitney Leigh


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