Friday, February 17, 2012

A Discussion About Channing Tatum

Tonight I am going to dinner and "The Vow" with some of my girlfriends. I am excited. Mostly just to be with good company though. I am kind of excited for the movie, but I've heard from a few people it was a bit of a let down. I'll just keep my expectations low and then maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

You see, I'm pretty sure that about 97%  of the women who raved about this movie were just going so they could watch Channing Tatum. I am one of the 3%. I'm actually a big Rachel McAdams fan. I might even have a bit of a girl crush on her.

It's not that I have anything against poor Channing, it's just that I sometimes don't understand all the hype. He is not a very good actor. All of his roles act the same way, because he only knows how to act one way basically. And let's get real, his best role was probably when he was the punk white kid on Coach Carter. I mean, Channing Tatum is okay looking, but I don't find that there is anything special about him. Yeah, I get it, girls. He has rock hard abs. But rock hard abs have never been the thing to really turn me on. I guess I get turned on by a charming personality and a tasteful sense of humor.

I just feel like Channing Tatum has little personality. Imagine yourself spending a day with him. I imagined it, and the whole imagining was entirely awkward. I feel like the conversation would be. . .painful. What would you talk about? Maybe how he went behind society's back and was the poor kid who danced with the rich girl in "Step Up"? Or maybe you could talk about how they are probably now making "Step Up 10". Or you could always ask him how he feels that in "Dear John", his girlfriend dumped him for her old man neighbor.

All joking aside, I'm sure Channing Tatum is an alright guy. He just needs to do something quirky and stop being the hot guy that takes his shirt off. That's all. And I apologize for being cynical. . .but you know deep down I'm right.


  1. I have a HUGE girl crush on Rachel Mcadams. But I will say I think this is my favorite movie Mr. Tatum has been in. Maybe it's because your heart breaks for him in the movie. It's pretty sad.

  2. I agree this movie was the best of him. Her on the other hand, I just love her. I loved their chemistry in the movie though! You'll have to tell me if you like it!

  3. Oh my... I am one that has a crush on Channing! He's so dreamy..... haha!
    I hope you enjoyed the movie! I can't WAIT to see it!

  4. haha! As soon as I saw the title of this post I laughed. I totally agree that a day with him would probably be awkward. but i think i could take the pain! you're adorable.


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