Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Best: America & Football

I'm all about being patriotic. I love America. But some Americans just make me shake my head a little. Wanna know why? One word: ignorance. It absolutely drives me nuts when people say stuff like, "Make foreigners that come to America learn English. This is America!" Well, what's so wrong with Americans trying to learn a second language. Anyone ever thought that might be a good thing?

I could go on, but I'll stop myself. Let me just say, let us all be well-rounded, curious, understanding Americans. Not hot-headed, ignorant Americans.

Speaking of America, I'm watching the Super Bowl right now. And honestly, what could be more American than the Super Bowl? What's that you say? Apple pie? Red, white, and blue?

Well, what if I went ahead and wore a blue and white striped button-up and red cable sweater, combined it with combat boots, and stood in front of a fruit stand (where I'm sure buckets and buckets of fruits were purchased to put in pies), and what if I sported this outfit during Super Bowl weekend?

I believe that just screams American.

 button-up: Old Navy, cable sweater: Old Navy, jeggings: Kohls, boots: ROSS, necklaces: vintage and handmade, earrings: c/o Violet Hill Boutique 

I sported this cozy outfit on Saturday, after what had been a long and treacherous week. Saturday was spent sleeping in, going to a baby shower, eating delicious dinner and doing some shopping for Super Bowl Sunday treats.

Now I must get back to the football game. Are you cheering for the Giants or the Pats?

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