Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Victory

For the past few weeks, I've felt super discouraged about school. Like it's just been a pain in my neck. I feel like I'm constantly running around from place to place, working on projects in between classes, editing video clips, shooting video clips, and then getting home at 10 or 11 at night after being on campus since 8 that morning. Fun stuff. And what is even more frustrating is that many times, all the work and craziness just feels like it's in vain. I ask myself constantly, "Why do I even do this to myself?" I work my hiney off and stress myself to the max. Seriously, half the time I dream at night about the things I have to get done the next day, so then I just wake up already feeling exhausted. And then in the end, I often feel like a lot of things I do go unappreciated or unnoticed.  As is the life of a student.

Well, over the last few days, I've been reminded of just why I love my major so much. Which is good because I was considering switching my major to billiards or something. I feel I've been rewarded, so maybe I'll shut up and stop complaining about school for the time being. What happened you ask? 

Well, my story for the week ended up not working out and it was lame. This happened on Tuesday. Our show is every Wednesday. This made me want to shut my head in a heavy door because this has happened to me now for three weeks straight. So while I'm in the newsroom brainstorming with my teacher, the police scanner suddenly comes up and we fall silent. In the newsroom, the police scanner is like your mama. You listen to her while she's speaking at all times. Or you might get your face slapped. From the police scanner, we gathered that a car had slid off the road and into the Logan river. We didn't know where exactly, but we gathered that it was close to the infamous spot where several people have wrecked, including the family that about drowned  around the turn of the New Year (it was a big deal). A guy that rescued them shot the windows out with his gun, remember that? I don't know why he couldn't have just used a rock, but whatever. The gun worked I guess. Any ways, Champagne (my teacher) tells me to head up there with a camera if I want to risk it and that I could come late to class, since I had class with him in an hour's time. Then he mentions, "If it's at the same spot, there's a chance that the Salt Lake stations will want it." 

Pressure is on. 

I'm excited, but a part of me is worried. But I'm not going to whine to Champagne about it. You see, the last time I went up the Logan Canyon in a winter storm was a little over a year ago, and I came back in a cop car with glass in my hair and cuts on my arms. I, too, had rolled off the icy road and into the freezing water. You can read the complete adventure of mine and Brian's wreck right here. 

So I come to the quick conclusion that this wreck must be shot and I'm the girl to shoot it. So I grab all my heavy camera equipment and start running for the bus so it can drop me off at the parking lot where my van is parked. On the way, I get a call from Champagne telling me that he just got word that the accident happened in the same spot and that he's calling all the major news stations to see if they want to buy the story. Shortly after, I get three text messages in a row. All from Champagne. 

"Channel 5 wants it."
"Channel 2 wants it." 
"So does Channel 4."

Now the pressure is really on.

Once I get to my van, I make my way up the canyon. Of course, I'm trying to hurry so I can make it in time, but I still drive very safely and carefully. The accident occurred about three miles after the spot where Brian and I crashed. When I get to the spot where we rolled, all I can seem to hear is the sound of the window wipers violently squeaking back and forth across my windshield, and my knuckles were seriously white from gripping onto the steering wheel so tightly. After passing the bend, I turn the radio up, trying to calm my nerves. Then I make it to the spot. After an insanely sharp corner, I see a bridge. The car is under the bridge, halfway in the water. I park ahead of the accident a ways and unload all my equipment. I think about how I should have brought gloves or a hat, because it's cold. And wet. Right as I get to the scene, the tow truck conveniently pulls up, so I get footage of the car being pulled up. Then I find the girl who was driving the car. She's obviously shaken up. She tells me she was driving and it was her boyfriend's car. I offer her my umbrella. She takes it. Then I tell her the story about the time I went in the river with my boyfriend too, but now we're married. Then she asks why I have a camera. I tell her my situation and then slyly ask for an interview. She wipes away her tears and agrees. I then interview the cop on the scene. Mission accomplished.  My feet and hair are drenched and my fingers are numb, but mission accomplished. 

Once I got back to campus, I sent the files to all the news stations. I was exhausted, but I felt like I'd accomplished something. I overcame my fear of the snowy canyon. I shot real, legit news. And I really felt in my element, being there on the scene, asking questions, running about with the camera. It was so great. So tired and wet, but very, very happy, I sat and watched the 5 o'clock news. Come to find out, the accident was the lead story for Channel 5. MY STORY. Well, the story I sold. And I met Alex Cabrero, a reporter with Channel 5, later that night. He came up to Logan to do live shots for their news block at 6 and at 10. Talk about exciting. So basically, I'm just happy that I get to have a taste of sweet victory for the moment being. And I'm gonna feel mega cool when I get a check in the mail from Channel 5. 

If you want to watch what Ch 5 did with the story on the 10:00 news, here is the link:

And if you want to watch it on our student news, or watch any of our other episodes of A-TV News, check out our YouTube Channel.


  1. Dude, I feel like I know a celebrity. Way to go to get the footage. And I am glad you didn't die in your accident, and I'm sorry about your black feather hat.

  2. Kelsey, you are so cool. If I could be half of you, that would be more than enough awesomeness to last a lifetime!


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