Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Lost Ourselves in the Bright Lights

Since I have now been 21 for a week and three days, I suppose it's about time to blog about my birthday. Call it cliche, but I spent my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. Sin City.

I didn't get wasted on alcoholic beverages and I didn't even go to a strip club either. But I had the most wild fun that a Mormon girl could have in Vegas. You know, ordering virgin drinks, making quarter bets on blackjack, and becoming a victim of secondhand smoke. Really though, it was such an exciting three days spent with my pal, BWell.

After our super quick flight from Salt Lake on Wednesday (day before my birthday), we rented a car and drove out to the Las Vegas temple. Sadly, I forgot my recommend at home but it was still so nice walking around the grounds and taking pictures. We also ate breakfast at a random little diner and I happily ordered the chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream.

We then hit up the outlets and we both went a little crazy. Believe it or not, Brian ended up with the most purchases by the time we got out of those outlets. He got lots of classy clothes for work including a handsome Tommy Hilfiger wool coat. We both purchased swimsuits. And I snagged a t-shirt for $4.00 which I thought was pretty cool.

After we wore ourselves right out from all the walking and shopping, we checked into the Monte Carlo and rested up in our room before dinner. When the time came for dinner and our show, we made the stroll along the strip toward our destination. My heart felt so happy as my eyes were filled with the flashing of colorful neon lights, I held hands with my favorite person in the world, and I knew come midnight it would be my birthday.

I woke up the morning of my birthday to breakfast in bed and a plethora of sweet texts and phone calls from people wishing me happy birthday. I also was lucky enough to open a few small presents from some family members that Brian had so kindly packed in the suitcase. I then thought it would be highly appropriate to go shopping at Forever 21 in honor of me turning the age of 21. After wandering around the huge multilevel store, I ended up with a huge stack of clothes I loved, but I narrowed it down to a pair of floral print pants and two sweaters. Go me.

For lunch, we ate at Raising Canes. Apparently it's this really popular chicken place in the South, so Brian ate there lots on his mission. He was pretty excited about going there. Like ridiculously excited actually. He had a little kid smile plastered on his face the entire time.

I really wanted cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, so after exploring the strip, we did that too. The wait was pretty long, but luckily there were two open seats for us at the bar, which I can now legally sit at. Upon sitting down, the bartender asked for my id, which I proudly gave him. After he examined it for a moment and glanced over at the calendar, he turned back to me with a huge smile and said, "Well, happy birthday!" He was a really good bartender. I ordered some type of mango virgin drink (which was amazing) and the Hershey bar cheesecake. When he brought our cheesecakes out, my heart skipped a beat because my slice of cake looked amazing. Not only was it about double the size of a regular slice, but it was covered in sprinkles and had a candle sizzling on top. On the rim of the plate it was also written in chocolate, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'.

After we let our cheesecake sit for a while, we went on the New York New York Roller Coaster, because roller coasters are one of my favorite things. I laughed so hard the entire time, and while waiting in line we found a sign that reminded us of Luna our cat which made me miss her (we left her with Brian's Grandma).

Later that night, we dressed all fancy and enjoyed some time in the casino. Everyone continued to id me. But I didn't mind because every time they did, they would then graciously offer me a happy birthday. Gambling was pretty fun. We lost track of time and didn't head up to our room until like 2 or 3 am.

The next day we slept in after a late night at the casino. When I awoke, I realized I had completely lost my voice and had a cold. But all was well. I just whispered all day and we enjoyed a buffet at the Luxor before heading to the airport. You know what is beautiful about buffets? You can combine Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food, and American food and it is totally fine. No one questions your strange food combinations.

Vegas was fun. It was just the adventure I needed to kick off the age of 21 right. Props to Brian for the best birthday vacation ever. We lost ourselves in the bright lights. I want to get lost again sometime soon.


  1. i love your outfits! especially in the first picture of you. so cute!

  2. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Happy late birthday, I'm glad you had a good one!


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