Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • Welp, school is all started back up again. I can't decide how I feel about it. I suppose I am indifferent. I am neutral. The same way I feel about recycling and going green. I'm not going to suddenly turn into some recycling advocate just because it's the cool thing to do nowadays. Just like a couple years ago it was the cool thing to adopt babies from Haiti. But hey, what the heck, I'll throw stuff in the recycle bin and I'd be more than happy to use my reusable grocery bags. That is when I don't forget them at home. Anyhow, that's how I feel about school starting again, I guess. I'm taking a documentary class which should be pretty wicked cool, and I am also back for round two of newscast. Then there is media law, which I hear is pretty difficult so I'll be doing plenty of reading and studying for that one. I also have a training class for my job with A-Team. I took it last year too and it was a pretty good time. 

  • Did I also mention that I am taking African Dance? Yeah, talk about random. I went tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am no dancer and I'm just some skinny white chick, but flinging my head around to the beat of drums is a pretty neat thing. And all the guys who play the drums have dreds that are seriously down to their knees. And the dreds swing back and forth as they beat upon them. And they have thick, long beards too. They are very interesting human beings.

  • A water pipe in front of our apartment broke yesterday. So we were without water for 24 hours. It was one of the less glamorous times of my life. You know, washing my arm pits out with wet wipes, taking showers at the gym, holding my bladder from bursting until I got to a public restroom, using hand sanatizer in place of soap and water. Real glamorous.

  • I bought the most unconventional heels ever today. But I just couldn't resist. They are just so delicious looking. I think I might even be crazy enough that I'll be one of those girls that wears heels to school and teeters around campus awkwardly trying to avoid ice on the sidewalks.

  • I got glitter toes again. My mom invited me to a glitter toe party with her where the cost was only ten bucks! I figured that was a steal of a deal, plus my mom is quite fun so I like hanging out with her. After we got them done, my brother said, "You guys spent money to get that done? It's winter time. You wear boots. No one is even going to see your toes." He had a point. So I have no choice but to share a photo of my feet with you all. Sorry if you have a fear of feet, but I just had to get my ten dollars worth.

Yeah, I feel much better now. 

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