Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fireworks Flying

This year, our New Years Eve was pretty quiet but also pretty wonderful. We decided to head back to Idaho and spend the night with my family so I could celebrate my birthday with them. My mom ever so kindly made my favorite triple chocolate cake. Both of my sisters bought me birthday presents and my parents and brother picked me out two of the grandest gifts a girl like me could ever desire. You see, I'm slightly obsessed with antiques. So I about jumped out of my socks when the whole family led me into the room where my radio and typewriter were waiting for me. The best part? The radio still works! And the typewriter is 100 years old.

 So stoked

 We were dancing to a song on the radio and then my dad blasted the volume.

The rest of the wait for midnight was spent playing Just Dance, watching episodes of 24 (it's my parents' fault we're addicted now), and playing Uno. 

At midnight my dad blasted off some fireworks and we danced around and cheered in the new year.

And on New Year's Day, we spent time with Brian's family in Eden so we could celebrate our new precious baby niece and spend time with Brian's sister and her husband before they flew back to their home in Texas. 

I'm not huge on the whole new year's resolution thing, but I do have a couple things I want to do in this year of 2012: 

I will hike more

I will lose myself in service to others

I will use my time more wisely

I will cook more

HAPPY 2012! I hope the first week has just been spectacular for you! 

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