Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chloe Ann Comes to Town

My nine year old sister, Chloe, stayed with me and Brian over the weekend. If you're real tight with Chloe then you may call her Chlo Jo. But she's nine and nine year olds want to be tight with everyone. So just call her Chlo Jo.

You know what else nine year olds like? Well, they like arcades. They probably like arcades because they enjoy touching filthy machines with flashing lights and loud beeping noises, and then they like to gather up as many tickets as possible from the arcade games so that they can hopefully purchase something like a whoopie cushion or rubber bracelets.

21 year olds and 23 year olds also like arcades. They just don't like to openly admit it as much since it involves filthy machines and gathering up tickets to buy some garbage like a whoopie cushion or rubber bracelets.

So we figured having Chloe with us was the perfect excuse to wander off to Nickelcade. Nicklecade is the magical world where you can play all kinds of arcade games using nickels. It is absolutely delightful. Walking through the doors to that place would make anyone of any age feel like a nine year old. But the moment you walk out . . . I'm afraid you feel your age again and immediately want some hand sanitizer.


I believe I could probably play skee ball all day long. If I had enough nickels that is. Oh, and we ended up with over 700 tickets so we got all kinds of random prizes. Oh the joy of arcades.

I forgot to mention that Chlo Jo has been playing basketball. Saturday morning, prior to Nickelcade, we cheered her on. They were down, but made a wicked comeback and ended up winning by a mere two points. Good thing Chloe put her game face on and made three baskets in the last few minutes of the game.

We decided we didn't get enough basketball that day so that night we took Chloe to enjoy some Utah State basketball. We had to show the girl what it's like to be an Aggie since she'll be one some day.

And of course, she played with Luna a lot. That girl loves cats. And we love her. Thanks for entertaining us, Chlo Jo.

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