Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sister Sleepover

When I first moved away from home and began the great adventure of buying my own soap and toilet paper and living on my own, I began to miss my siblings. My brother is in high school and is probably too cool to come stay the night at my place and eat goodies and watch movies and that sort of thing. But my two little sisters are not. I got the bright idea once of inviting them over for a sleepover. It ended up being a bit of a nightmare. My one sister is very organized and particular, my other sister acts similar to an animal. So they don't always get along too great. With this said, the majority of the time they spent at my apartment they were arguing, clawing, and fighting over my attention. After that sleepover ended, I thought to myself, "Never again."

I got a little smarter since then and decided it would be fun to invite my sisters over at separate times, giving them equal attention and opportunity for me to kinda spoil them. The week before Christmas, we had Lexi come and spend the night. Lexi is thirteen now and it amazes me how much more she grows up every time I see her. Lexi is a lot of fun and always keeps Brian and I entertained with her humorous stories. She is also very helpful. She even helped me clean my kitchen right when she got to my apartment!

When Lex was with us, we took her down to Temple Square to see the lights and we met up with Brian's family there.

 After seeing the lights, eating a delicious dinner, and driving back to Logan from Salt Lake, it was close to midnight. But we decided to stay up for a while and play some cards. We played Egyptian Ratscrew, and I'm fairly certain Brian was making up rules the entire time just to secure his victory every game.

I love my sister so much! Thanks for coming, Lexi! Come again real soon! And just wait for your turn, Chloe.

Being a big sister is such a blessing. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Yes, being the oldest kid in the family has its downfalls. Parents are more strict with you, you get tricked into babysitting more often than not, your siblings break things. But it's all worth it. I get to be the cool big sister even on days when I'm not so cool, and that is a neat feeling.

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