Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Best: Electric Slide

So I put off taking pictures of an outfit all week. I am the queen of procrastination. Doing this left me with only the option of featuring my outfit from today. On this fine and dandy Sunday. However, procrastination ended up being my friend in this particular situation, since I sported my new electric blue dress with some purple tights and heels. I mean, in such an electric blue dress I almost feel like the electric slide should be playing in the background, and then I could awkwardly dance and we'd all have a good time.

dress: Old Navy, tights: Kohls, heels: Kohls, belt: thrifted

Happy Sunday! I think I'll finish the evening off wearing my pajamas, eating junk food, playing board games with Brian, and putting off doing some homework. Told ya, I'm the procrastination queen! 


  1. that belt is adorable! I need to start thrifting.

  2. umm cute!!! so adorable. you look amazing.


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