Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MLK Weekend

Virgin drinks while watching season three of 24 with BWell. Going on double dates with friends. Scoring a pair of black boots for $16. Watching my brother break his personal record in pole vault at an indoor track meet. Reaching that stage in life when you start getting invited to baby showers and it's kinda awkward, but you enjoy buying lots of fun baby books for unborn baby. Playing card games with friends while snacking on cherry cupcakes and drinking Mountain Dew. Having my first ever Five Guys burger with Brian and his mom. . .and loving it.

I'm all about those long weekends. Presidents' Day . . . I'm holding out on you.  

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  1. I thought the binky picture was going to be an announcement . .. :-)
    I love your positive spin on all things - keep it up.


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