Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Girl

Last night, while reading through all my friends' latest blog posts, a song popped up on one particular friend's blog. This song is a very special song to me, and it floods back memories of my wedding day (which was almost six months ago). Even though six months isn't all that long, I hope I will feel the same way when I hear this song after being married for many, many years. And I hope I will always think of the same moment when I stood on the dance floor wearing a dress of pretty white lace with yellow flowers draped around my head, feeling so happy and young and free as I held hands and danced with the very first man I ever fell in love with . . . my dad.

The song is Tim Mcgraw's My Little Girl. Brian played it on his guitar and sang the words for my dad and I. We had planned it without my dad knowing, so when Brian played some chords on his guitar and called my dad to the front of the room, my dad was pretty surprised. Brian told me afterwards that he was so afraid he would choke up while he sang the words, because they just really hit home.

I am the oldest child in my family. I take some pride in that. I was the first baby my dad ever took into his arms and could call his own. I was the first one who gave him a Father's Day card that was probably made out of crooked paper and colored carefully with crayons. I was the first one he sent off to college. I was the first one to call him up and say, "Dad, Brian proposed," Although he already knew weeks in advance that it was going to happen. I was his little girl. And I always will be.

I'll never forget that summer evening of dancing with my dad, when he whispered in my ear, "This will be my favorite part of the whole day."

Listen to this song, and then go give your dad a hug and tell him how much you love him, because dads are special.   


  1. oh I just teared up a little. Soo sweet! I love this song.

  2. This song is the credits to the movie Flicka. As the credits rolled and this song played with pictures of little girls and their dads, I started bawling. There are a lot of songs that my dad and I consider "ours" but this one especially hit me. Love it.

  3. Aww, what a wonderful moment for you. And by the way? Your dress is AMAZING. I've just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading through it. I'm now following :)

  4. I almost cried just reading this! So sweet :)


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