Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P-Diddy

This is possibly the most overused statement ever. And I have really grown to hate Kesha's song. Or I mean Ke$ha. My bad. Actually, I'm just not a big fan of her. She looks like she needs a bath and she doesn't even sing. What she does is talk-whining. She just talks lyrics in an obnoxious voice. However, this statement was true for me this morning. Well. . .kinda true. I woke up and became a wrapper. Not a rapper. That'd be cool though. A wrapper with a "W".

See for yourself:

Yep, I ripped out the tape and ribbon and got busy. I believe I am finally finished with my Christmas shopping.
In the process of all the shopping, I may or may not have bought myself a couple things too.
Sue me.

I deserved it. I've had a stressful week. So I bought myself a book. And I can't control that all of Al's Nike brand stuff was 50% off. I also can't control that there were Nike spandex in neon colors. How could I resist?

Tis the season of giving. Can't I give to myself a bit?


  1. Yes! I bought 2 books this week for myself! After all the stress from finals and work, I thought I deserved it. And you certainly do too :)

  2. Ha thanks for the encouragement, Rach! And I think buying new books is the best thing ever. Just a sidenote.


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