Monday, December 13, 2010


For December, it sure feels like March. I am not a fan of this spring weather right before Christmas. I have been searching for any sign of hope that it may snow. Whenever I see a cloud, no matter how small, I think, "Some snow may come out of that cloud." It's possible. I cannot give up hope.

Without the snow, and with the stress of finals (THIS WEEK, but I choose to not think about it), it has been a bit challenging for me to find the Christmas spirit in my life. Believe me, I try hard. I am a huge fan of Christmas. I have been blasting the Christmas tunes since Thanksgiving, making treats, shopping, watching Christmas movies. Even though it has been fun doing all these festive things, I still had not felt anything special.

This weekend changed that. It was special. Saturday night was my Reeder Family Christmas Party (Mom's side). My mom was in charge this year, and she is basically the party queen. I will create a post soon telling all about the wonderful party, but for now, just know it was wonderful. Then last night, Brian and I watched the "Nativity Story" while studying. I had seen it, but he had not. I love this movie. I highly suggest it to everyone.

The reason I love this movie so much is because it makes the characters from the Bible story seem like real people, not just characters. And they were real people. Just like me. I admire Joseph and Mary so much. There is a scene in the movie when they are traveling together, and they stop to camp for the night. They had not been married long and in the movie, it kind of shows how the journey may have brought them together and allowed them to fall in love. Any ways, they are resting when Mary asks Joseph about raising the Savior,

"Are you afraid?"

He smiles and replies very firmly,

"Yes. Are you?"

Mary laughs gently and says,


Then she goes on to ask,

"When do you think we'll know? That he is more than just a child? Will it be something he says?"

Joseph looks down and admits to Mary,

"I worry I won't even be able to teach him anything."

I think it is a moving conversation. To think of how frightening it would be to know you are going to raise the Savior of the world. I think all the time about how scared I am to one day be a mom. I have so much respect for Mary. A girl, younger than me, carrying Jesus Christ inside of her.

The story is perfect. So perfect. That is all I have been able to think about since I woke up this morning. A baby born in a manger, to two amazing but humble parents. A star that shone so bright. That little baby, so innocent and perfect, grew up to die for me. He has made it possible for me to become a better person than I was yesterday. For that, I am so grateful.

Watch the movie. You will not regret it. Thanks for listening to my rambling and thoughts. And Merry Christmas. . .in less than two weeks :)

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