Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 29.

Day 29: In the last month, what have you learned?

I have learned

How to nurture love and let it grow. How valuable time is. Whether my day is

good or bad is up to me. Homemade oreos are easy to make. My Savior is always

watching out for me. Sleep is necessary. I have wonderful people in my

life that love me very much. Challenges are only as hard as I make them. It is

perfectly fine to relax and do homework on weekends once in a while. People change. Life is much less stressful

when I do not procrastinate. How to knit, a little, and I will learn more over Christmas break. Leg

warmers under boots do wonders. I miss the ducks at First Dam.

Life rarely goes as planned. What others think is really not important.

Communicating is key. Materialistic things do not determine my

happiness one bit. Lotion is important in the winter.

Life goes on. Life is good.

I love the life which is mine.

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