Saturday, December 18, 2010

Herd. Pack. Flock. Whatever.

After work tonight, I was driving back through the wonderful falling snow when I came upon a deer standing in the road. I slowed down and watched as it pranced off the road. I looked around closely, still proceeding with care. Anyone that knows anything about deer knows that if there is one, there are probably more. Which there were plenty more in this situation. I watched the deer climb the hill a bit to meet up with its friends. It was a whole herd of 'em. Then I got thinking on the rest of the drive home, how animals are more like us than we think. Animals need someone too. They don't like being alone. Everyone wants a friend. Someone to depend on. Even animals. Whether it be a herd of deer, a pack of wolves, or a flock of geese.

So my question is what exactly is a group of humans called?

Well, I'm not sure what you call it, but all I know is I sure do like it.

I don't ever want to be the lone wolf. Or the buck deer that ends up getting shot at by one of those hunting obsessed Idaho boys. I like having people in my life. I need them. And, I hope, sometimes they need me too.

I might barely pass Math 1010. I am not afraid to admit that. Math is just not my strong point. Go ahead, judge me. If you do, I'll judge you for your spelling. I'll hate you every time you use the wrong your/you're or its/it's. However, I might have died this week if it weren't for my wolf pack. . .or whatever exactly they are called.

Oh yeah, my friends.

The day before my math final, I started getting sick. It was depressing. However, after I got home from studying that day, I found a note on my bedroom door from Shay. I love her. She went home but told me good luck on my math final and that I could do it. She also said if I needed ANYTHING to text her.

Later that night I studied more with BWell. I about had a nervous breakdown that night. Not a joke. Brian really helped me out that night. I finally got calmed down and went to sleep.

I woke up at 6 am the next morning since the cursed final started at 7:30. Not long after that, I found Brian Weller at my door. With breakfast. For me. Then he gave me a ride to campus in his nice, new truck. Complete with a seat warmer to keep my bottom cozy. When I got back hours later, I found this on my bed. . . .

This is totally off subject, but it totally bugs that Nabisco makes the packs say "Double Stuf" with only one f. Who does that? This is going to cause grade school kids everywhere to spell "stuff" incorrectly. So if you ever find yourself in the grocery store, and see that someone has added an extra f to all the packs of oreos with a marker. . .just know it was most likely me.

The oreos were from Brian though. The note basically said to relax, don't think about math anymore, and eat some oreos. It brightened my whole day.

I just wanted to brag for a moment about how I get to be surrounded by such cool people all the time. I guess it doesn't matter if I am horrible at math. Even though I can't factor and solve story problems, people still love me any ways. Is that neat or what?

I also can't wait to see the rest of my flock of family and friends over the break.

Humans rock. And so do animals.

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