Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Mouse

The Reeder Family Christmas Party is something I look forward to every year in the month of December. Even more so the past few years. I swear every time we get together, there are more little cousins of mine running about. There are so many of us in the "wolf pack" that Grandpa Steve has now assigned us all numbers. Myself being Wolf Pup #1 since I am the oldest grandchild. The family is getting pretty big and we are all busy, but we still manage to get together quite often. The Reeder side loves parties and getting together. As a little girl, I remember most Sunday afternoons being spent at Grandma's with all the family there.

I had told Brian of this Christmas party about a month in advance, and I think he was actually pretty excited to come with me. So last Saturday, the two of us ventured North for the festivities. The siblings take turns hosting the party, and this year it was my mommy's turn. She is so creative. She rented a Victorian style home to have a Christmas slumber party in. Brian and I went early to help her decorate the house to give it a Christmas feel.

When evening fell, people began showing up for the party. It was great visiting, chasing children, and eating until I wanted to tip over. Santa came too, and he gave me a bop-it. Thanks Santa. . .or should I say Grandma? We stayed up late laughing and watching Christmas movies. I even busted out my Christmas onesie pajamas. Everyone made fun of me and my pajamas, but I did not mind too much. They are great pajamas. Except they get pretty warm, and I have to make sure I use the bathroom before I put them on. If I have to go pee, it is a pain to have to undo a million buttons and take the whole suit off. Any ways. . .

I could go on forever about the party, but I will just give you my two top highlights.

First off, who doesn't love white elephant gifts? The adults and the four oldest grandkids always give white elephant gifts. It is a blast and always hilarious. My brother by far gave the best gift. What was it? Well, it was a live mouse. He found a furry, round mouse creature in our window well. After he caught it, he put it in a jar, put holes in the top, and wrapped it up carefully. He then wrote with marker things like "FRAGILE" and "This side up" to avoid any shaking up of the creature.

Obviously it was one of the first gifts picked out of the pile. Everyone was curious. Except for those of us who knew what it was. We were just thrilled. I wish I would have recorded it or at least taken a picture, but just know it couldn't have been more perfect. Angie carefully opened it, asking Jace the whole time what it was (she was nervous). Then she slowly pulled the jar out. The mouse was standing on its hind legs, waving its head around, going crazy. Everyone screamed and roared with laughter. Later my aunt Amy (one of the loudest screamers) told us, "I wasn't scared. I just screamed to make it more fun."

Yeah right, Amy.

The gift I ended up with were these two odd cat sculptures. I am still not sure what they are exactly. Amy claimed it was a netty pot, but my grandma argued it was not. My grandma thought one was a tea pot and the other a sugar pot. I don't know what they are, but I found use for them. Here is a picture:

The other highlight would be the more spiritual side of the party. Each family chose something they wanted to do, whether it was donating money to a certain hospital, or helping a family, or gathering books for kids without them, then everyone talked about their experiences. After that, my grandpa read the Christmas story out of the bible. My grandma and dad also said some heartfelt things. By this time I was already choking up, and I was suppose to sing. Brian and I had prepared two songs. He played the guitar and we sang together. Music is so powerful. Especially when you are the one singing, bringing the words to life. I felt so much love for my family at that moment. When we finished, the kids all sang some of their favorite Christmas carols along to the guitar. It was a great time.

Christmas is wonderful. I can't say it enough. There is a song about Christmas that says, "Just for one day, we all came together. We showed the whole world that we know how to love." Everyone gets a little kinder around Christmas. So here is to Christmas and to love. Let's try to act a little more like it's the Christmas season always.


  1. How fun! I wanna hear the songs you guys sang!

  2. Oh geez, I dunno about that guys! I get so nervous when I sing.


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