Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 27.

Day 27: Why are you doing this "30 Day Blog Challenge"?

Initially, I wanted to do the blog challenge just for fun. It was one of those, "everyone else is doing it why can't I" type of things. Plus, the blog challenge is much safer than smoking. I may get carpel tunnel from typing so much. . .but that was bound to happen any way, right?

I am beginning to get sick of the blog challenge though. Some of the days are a little lame. Like today is a little lame, no offense Day 27. I can think up plenty of things to write about on my own. However, the challenge has gotten me into the habit of writing on my blog often. I have found that it is a very nice break from the rest of the day. To sit down and type my thoughts, and share them with anyone that will take the time to read.

Writing is my medicine.

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