Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Must Sees

I wanted to post something a little "brainless" because I don't feel like writing about anything deep right now. So I decided to post a list of 10 movies I love. Just so if you want to pop in a movie, you can take my recommendations.

1. Hidalgo

Any movie that involves a horse and is based on a true story is obviously a must-see. This movie is the definition of the word amazing and one of my very favorites. It is a little long, but totally action packed and you will probably tear up a bit too. Plus, Viggo Mortensen is the man.

2. Up

I don't think it is possible for me to say enough positive things about this movie. I could watch it over and over, and I rarely watch movies more than once so that's saying a lot. I can try my very hardest not to cry the first ten minutes of the movie, but I still always do. Plus, it is pretty hilarious too. Probably one of the most random movies ever made. Just try explaining the plot to someone who hasn't seen it. I have tried, and I got weird looks. . . "It's about an old man that ties balloons to his house and floats away. There is a bird named Kevin. A dog named Doug. The dogs talk. An annoying but cute boy scout is there too."

3. The Dark Knight

I am fairly sure everyone knows about this movie, but I couldn't leave it off the list. This is another movie I could watch over and over. How many people get killed in this movie exactly? I don't know, but lots. And does the good guy win? Kinda, but he can't even be happy about winning. Plus, I love Heath Ledger, and I believe this is the movie that killed him.

4. P.S. I Love You

I am not a big "chick flick" fan, but this is not your average chick flick. I have heard multiple guys give this movie a thumbs up. It is deep and it doesn't portray a false image of love like other movies. It's the real deal. And Gerard Butler is basically the best thing ever.

5. Premonition

I thought this movie was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out everything the whole time. I still do actually, and I've seen it multiple times.

6. The Princess and the Frog

This movie has me convinced that I MUST visit New Orleans before I die. The music in this is great too. I double love it.

7. The Guardian

Another long one but it is worth the watch. An amazing movie. In every single way.

8. Horton Hears a Who

Ha ha, I can't even explain to you how amusing I find this movie. The characters are great and there is some funny stuff. We are talking the voices of Jim Carey AND Steve Carell. How could you go wrong?

9. The Phantom of the Opera

I am a sucker for anything Phantom. Including the movie. It gives me chills. Every single time. And seriously, is there anything Gerard Butler can't do?!? Secret confession: In high school when my hair was curly, I wanted it to look just like Christine's.

10. Taken

That is one mad dad. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. So intense. But the daughter does really bother me. She is a brat who acts like a little girl. And she runs funny.

Bonus: I also love Coach Carter and Grease. Wish I could add them. There are plenty more I hold dear to my heart too.

If you couldn't tell, I really love action movies and cartoons. Weird combo, I know. Well, what are you waiting for? Go pop some popcorn already.


  1. Agreed. The girl in taken does run funny. It really bothers me actually. It's like she is planning on ramming into something with her head. Movie makers should really take stuff like that into consideration when they are making intense movies...her run is so ridiculous it takes away from the intenseness.

  2. Oh Catherine. I am so glad we are friends. And this is why. We can notice when girls run like idiots.


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