Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • I'm thinking I'll make Fohawk Friday a regular thing. 

  • On Friday, I tried a new soup recipe. Taco soup. Turns out the recipe I followed made enough to feed a whole army. We ate it for the next three days and even invited people over to help us finish it off. You'd think we would be sick of soup. But then we were like, "Soup feeds a lot of people. Let's make a new soup and invite our neighbor friends over." So that happened last night. BWell and I tried a chicken enchilada soup and it was great. To top off the soup party, one of our sweet neighbors brought HOMEMADE bread. And my other dear friend brought the most delicious dessert that gave me an instant sugar high. So basically, soup parties are good things. You should take part in a soup party. Find the taco soup recipe I used here and the chicken enchilada recipe here

  • I've never seen an episode of "Breaking Bad" or "New Girl" or anything else that's cool for that matter. I don't watch much TV. 

  • I interviewed a world champion arm wrestling woman yesterday. Being a journalist is my favorite thing. 

  • Tomorrow will mark four years since Brian and I went on our first date. Time flies when you're having fun. 

  • The best way, and basically the only way, to keep my house clean is to invite people over.

  • Pink proved at the Grammy's, yet again, why she's the coolest. Her performance was probably my favorite. Taylor rocked it too . . . but you just can't beat the acrobatics while singing act. 


  1. I took one of those quizzes going around FB and apparently my celebrity alter ego is Taylor Swift. I'm definitely not mad about it.

  2. Never seen Breaking Bad either, but New Girl is really funny! I like the idea of soup parties :) Especially cause soup is so delicious!

    1. True that. Soup is super. And I'm cool because I say cliche things. I'll have to catch an episode of New Girl sometime.


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