Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • I often accidentally call Luna, my cat, Chloe. Chloe is my little sister. 

  • I have this fear of talking on the phone, which is pretty funny since a big part of my job is calling lots of people I don't know.

  • Today I sent a text message meant for my husband to a guy I was setting up an interview with. Talk about awkward. I shouldn't be allowed to text people.  

  • I can't eat with chopsticks. I wish I could but my fingers just don't work that way. Perhaps one day I will master the art of eating with chopsticks. 

  • I also technically don't write with a pencil/pen correctly either. Probably another sign that my fingers don't function like a normal person's. My kindergarten teacher was on my back forever about holding my pencil the right way but she never broke me. Still to this day, I clutch that pencil with all five fingers. 

  • I read this article about feminism and it totally rocks. Everyone should read it. 

  • We got new armchairs and check out how cute they are! We got them for a pretty good deal too. Today I was talking to a friend about decorating my house and I mentioned it'd be nice to have tons of money so I could blow it on decorations. Then she said, "Yeah, but it's kind of exciting to go on the search for little treasures that are affordable." And I thought to myself that she is totally correct. I'm pretty certain if I were a millionaire, I would still search for the perfect throw pillow at Ross. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of a good treasure hunt. 

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  1. Those chairs are DANG CUTE! And I agree with you. The other day, I had a spending limit of $100 for a swimsuit, but it just made me feel a lot better to get a swimsuit for $30. Who doesn't like a bargain?!

    1. Thanks! I love them. They make the perfect reading chairs. And look at you, you little bargain shopper. I bet your new suit is cute, cute, cute.

  2. MANNNNN!!!!! I was told the same thing by my grade 1 teacher. I still hold my pencils strange, and chop sticks, and my utencils. Im messed up!


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