Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Best: Dots

top: Forever 21, skirt: The Sister Shop, tights: TJ Maxx, flats: Head Over Heels, necklace: Smith's Marketplace coat: Delia's

You know that saying, "I never met a polka dot I didn't like?" Well, I can see exactly where that person was coming from. I mean, polka dots. Love them. They are so loud and fun, yet versatile. 

I once did an interview at this store called The Sister Shop. It's a store in my town that sells clothes for sister missionaries of the LDS church. 

I went there thinking, "Yikes, all these clothes will probably be uglyyyy." 

But I walked through the door and this pencil skirt covered in polka dots was the first thing I saw. It was like the clouds opened up and angels sang, "Kelsey, buy that skirt!!!" 

And you never question singing angels. So I bought it. I'm now a firm believer in The Sister Shop. 

Also, the coat I wore with this outfit is, yes, missing a button. I have a problem and can't part with things. I've had that blasted coat since I was 16. I figure I'll just keep my eyes open for another grey button and then sew that puppy on there. Problem solved. 

Happy Sunday. 


  1. Or you could replace all the buttons with some awesome ones, then the coat will be even cooler. Hopefully it isn't creepy that I read you blog all the time.

    1. Breea, you are a GENIUS with the button idea! I'm doing it. And it's not creepy at all, I'm totally flattered actually.


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