Friday, March 8, 2013

Whale Moments

Do you ever have those moments where something happens, whether you see something or hear something, and you tell yourself it was meant especially for you?

A couple spring breaks ago, I went on a cruise with a group of friends. I woke up early and didn't dare wake anyone else, so I decided to find a good nook on the boat and do some reading. The sun was not quite up yet, leaving the ocean air on deck cool and a bit demeaning. So I resorted to sitting on a little cushioned seat next to a giant window indoors. I read for quite a while until I noticed the sun peeking over the horizon. I set my book down and looked in amazement at the pink burst of sky. I remember feeling so tiny out there on the ocean, looking out to see nothing but water until it turned into sky. Instead of opening my book back up, I continued to watch the sun creep up over the water. I kept telling myself, in one more minute I will start reading my book again. Just one minute more. 

Then, just as I was getting ready to reach out for my book, I watched as something erupted from the glimmering water. It was a whale. I gasped and pressed my nose up against the glass of the window. I stared, unblinkingly at this huge and magnificent creature. Its tail waved through the air as if saying, "Hello and good morning, Kelsey!" Then, just as soon as it came, it went. It splashed back beneath the salty waves and I was left in utter amazement. I looked around, wanting to share this moment I had just witnessed with someone, but there was no one in sight. I was the only person in the whole world who watched that whale say hello to the earth that morning. No one else. Just me. I smiled to myself and decided that it was my special gift from God. That whale had been my whale.

I had another "whale moment" on Wednesday evening. I was dragging my feet, not wanting to go to my two and a half hour class. I knew the professor would not be there and we were just watching a documentary. It would be an easy class to skip. But for some reason, although every ounce of me wanted to play hooky, I still went to that class. And I watched the documentary. And the documentary moved me so much that I was almost brought to tears (which would have been really awkward and embarrassing for all ten of us in that class). You see, I have been praying and wondering what I can do with my life and with what I am studying at school that could be beneficial for others. I'd been feeling rather discouraged. But then I got a bright idea. But then I decided that bright idea was stupid. Then that documentary, the one I would have missed if I'd skipped class, made me realize my former idea was not stupid at all. That maybe, just maybe, I can eventually turn this idea into a physical thing. I felt so much comfort sitting in that classroom, knowing I just had a 'me' moment and that someone out there created that moment for me to experience.

 But I almost missed it. I would have missed that whale on my cruise if I hadn't gotten up early or if I would have been delving into my book. I would have missed that important moment on Wednesday if I would have skipped class like I so badly wanted to.

I know this post is so vague, and I'm sorry for that. I mainly just want to share that I know there are "whale moments" for all of us, and if we don't open our eyes and look, we just might miss them. With a little patience and faith, we might just watch that whale pop out of the water at the very moment we least expect it.


  1. Kels, I know exactly what you mean! I love your stories. Love those whale moments :)

    1. Oh good! I'm glad I am not completely crazy and you understand the "whale moments".


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