Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • You know when you get a group picture and they say, "Okay everybody, strike a pose!" And then you panic and your eye starts twitching and you have no ideas of witty ways to pose? Well, I've found myself a cure. Every time the "strike a pose" thing happens, I've just decided to turn around. So far it has solved all my problems. Proof: 

  • When applying my foundation, I skip my forehead all together. I've gotten quite lazy. And I'm sure all you cosmetic gurus are all like, "Gasp. That girl is sick and wrong." But hear me out. My foundation is my most expensive cosmetic product. I like to use it sparingly. And besides, my bangs block my forehead. Problem solved. 

  • I worked for ABC 4 yesterday and my story was on the 6:00 news. Usually when I've done stories for stations in the past, it's just my footage and then I let them do their thang with it. This time it was different. I did the editing. It was my voice heard during the package. Aaaand, my face was on the news. They gave me full credit. They introduced the story as, "Our Cache Valley correspondent, Kelsey Keller, blah blah blah. ." It was all a little nerve-wracking. All that hustle and stress all day all for one minute and thirty seconds of news. Let me have you know, it's stressful but also so exhilarating and awesome. I am studying the coolest thing at school. I LOVE being a journalist. And thanks to all who sent me sweet comments about my story. I needed them. Because, of course, I'm my own worst critique. After my story aired, I crawled upstairs to my bubble bath and replayed all the things I did wrong/should have done better in my mind.

  • Last night, Brian called from the kitchen, "Oh no, we are out of clean spoons." To which I replied, "Oh, there are a whole bunch of clean ones in the dishwasher. I used one this morning to eat my yogurt." Then there was a pause until Brian said, "Did you start the dishwasher?" Pause again. "No. . .I thought you did." Pause. "Kelsey, these are dirty. I never started the dishwasher."

  • I read that the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day. That totally just makes me sick. I never should have gotten a smartphone. My flip phone I was using up till last year was treating me just fine. 

  • On Friday we went to Wingers and it was packed. We were looking at like a 15 to 20 minute wait. That all changed when we saw two of our good friends sitting in a nearby booth, looking over menus. We were invited to join them and HUZZAH that's how you turn a 20 minute wait into a 2 minute one. I love getting lucky. Then we stayed until closing time chit-chatting, which made the situation all the more enjoyable. Yay for friends. And yay for not planning things but then randomly running into one another. 

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  1. hahaha I love you. I am so going to try that turn around thing now.

    That smartphone one completely makes me sick too. But of course I'm saying that AS I'm checking your blog on my smart phone. haha fail.


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