Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I'm not Catholic but I decided I wanted to try out Lent this year. What the heck. So in honor of Lent, I gave up all soda pop. I'm sorry to admit I am a Lent failure. I caved and ordered a Cherry Coke while in Las Vegas. But I was just getting so bored of water and milk. And I'm a bit of a juice snob (we only drink Simply Orange under this roof). I thought I would feel really bad about breaking my Lent deal, but I don't. The month I lasted for taught me some valuable things though. I had never been a big soda drinker until the last year. With my stacked school schedule came lots more eating out, and with ordering meals, I started drinking lots more soda. I could feel myself growing dependent on it which I really didn't like. My month without the soda showed me that I can be disciplined and I do not need that Cherry Coke to make it through the day. While I am back on pop, I will now keep the drinking minimal. I also started the good habit of drinking more water. I've never been good about my water intake. Now I find myself needing to carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. And I even crave water now. I didn't think that was possible unless I'd just finished working out. Oh, I also learned that many restaurants have absolutely terrible lemonade. Some of those lemonades must have more sugars than any soda. For reals. 

  • I'm in the process of cleaning my closet. By doing this, I quickly discovered I have a problem. Why can I not part with clothes? I can't even part with clothes I don't like. Shirts that haven't come off the hanger in YEARS. It's bad. But I am going to let my little sisters go through the things I don't want before I take it off to goodwill. So perhaps that will be good motivation, to know my little sisters might get a thrill from picking out some of my old things.  

  • Sometimes I'll just look at Luna and imagine how goofy she'd look if she was a human instead of a cat. Can you imagine if humans had whiskers sprouting from their eyebrows and cheeks? Funny stuff. 

  • Today in class, I repeated the same wrong answer to a question as the girl right before me did. I'm still blushing about it. What a dork I am. 

  • This morning at work, while researching wacky stories to share on the radio, I found this article that predicted that Americans would spend something like 7 billion dollars on Easter or maybe it was 17 billion. Okay, I don't remember the exact amount. . .but it was in the billions. Isn't that crazy? That's a lot of Cadbury Eggs. 

  • Also, I think Easter candy is my favorite holiday candy. Cadbury Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, jelly beans, Easter edition Sweethearts, Reese's Eggs, chocolate bunnies. Oh. My. Dear. However, this excludes Peeps. I've never been a huge Peep fan. 

  • The only television shows we watch at our house are the creepy and violent ones. We are extreme fans of both The Following and The Americans. Anyone else fans?


  1. I LOVE The Following! So much drama and so many secrets! I'm always surprised when someone else ends up being part of Joe's cult. Plus Detective Mike is adorbs :P

    1. Sinead, we were so worried that Kike was secretly a part of the cult. I hated watching him get the crap beat out of him, but we were left comforted that Mike is, indeed, a good guy. He has to be good, right?


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