Monday, January 3, 2011

All Bundled Up

These are hobo gloves. I have a pair and think they are pretty great. Whoever decided to make gloves that can turn into mittens was using their head. My littlest sister, Chloe, wanted a pair of these very badly for Christmas. Well, she now has a pair, and she loves them.

Yes, this is going to turn into a Chloe story. Note: I do not love Chloe more than my brother, Jace or sister, Lexi. It is just that Chlo is at that age where she says and does some of the goofiest things. That's all.

I don't go back to school for another week so I am just enjoying some time at home with my family. We started eating dinner tonight, which I helped with (my help was very minor but whatever), when I noticed something funny about Chloe. She was stabbing food with her fork and I realized that the hand holding her fork was wrapped up in her hobo glove. She had kept her gloves on ever since she arrived home from school, including while she ate dinner.

So I asked her, "Chloe, have you worn those gloves all day?"

She replied, "Yes, I have. Well, except not at recess."

The rest of the family gave one another odd looks and started laughing, since you'd think the one time she WOULD wear her gloves would be at recess.

"Why not at recess," my mom asked.

"I couldn't fit them on over my sledding gloves."

Chlo is just a peach.

Chloe also came home from school today wearing her snow pants. I was taken back to my grade school days when I wore my snow pants and boots to school. Not stylish at all, I know, but we have a mean sledding hill at my old elementary school. In the winter, we lived for recess so we could do some extreme sledding.

I remember once when I was probably in third grade and a slightly sarcastic and mean fifth grader said to me,

"Nice snow pants."

It was then I became aware of how funny I looked. Because you wanna know something funny? Snow pants are funny. They are hilarious. I laugh mostly every time I put them on.

Speaking of that, I'm fairly sure I would laugh every time I put one of these hats on:

I think I want one.

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  1. Nice!! I love your blog!! That was so funny what Chloe said!! I think those hats are legit!!


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