Sunday, January 23, 2011

Five Feel Goods

I have decided that about once a week, I just want to post five things that are currently making me happy. Things that make my life that much richer and more enjoyable.

So here is my first "Five Feel Goods" ever! Enjoy!

This owl rug from Urban Outfitters is just splendid. The owls make me happy. The colors make me happy. I am half-tempted to purchase this rug and save it for when I have a little home of my own.

Articles of clothing in bright colors. Like my raspberry jacket paired with the new teal scarf I bought last week. Bright colors like these chase away any trace of winter blues I might have.

Shar pei dogs. I want one. Really bad. Looking at pictures of them makes me smile, so owning one would probably make me roll on the ground with laughter. I just want to push all their wrinkles up over their faces. I would maul one with love if I owned one. Actually, my very first dog was one of these. Her name was Ruffles. She was my parents' baby before I came along. Then Ruffles wasn't an only child any longer.

McDonald's fruit smoothies. I prefer the wild berry. If you ever see me at McDonalds, I am most likely purchasing one of these. Or breakfast. Otherwise, I will not set foot near McDonalds. It's no jamba. . .but then again, it's way cheaper than jamba.

My Burt's Bees with pomegranate oil is one of the best things to ever happen to my lips. Seriously. It is a superb defense against Logan's mean winter winds. It keeps my lips feeling so smooth and soft. Plus it has just a bit of color to it. Bless Burt and his bees.

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  1. Kels, you are too cute! I love your blog, and I'm excited to get to know you better! :)


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