Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty and Feeling Fine.


That is how old I am now.
Strange to think I have been alive for two decades now.

My birthday was grand, and my first week of being 20 has been very busy and fun-filled. I try not to just write about my day-to-day events on my blog, but my birthday has earned its place, I believe.

My pal, Brian wanted to make my birthday extra special (which he did) because he knows how much I love birthdays. The day started off with my mom and I going to lunch. We always go out together on my special day. Some things got juggled around a bit due to the snow storm. Brian had scheduled a surprise massage for both my mom and I in Layton, but we decided to not venture too far from home due to the snow. So Brian made an appointment for myself in Logan. They were full so my mom didn't get one. I don't think she was too heartbroken though. She had been very nervous about the massage, asking questions like,

"How hard do they push?"
"Do I have to take my clothes off?"

But she was still very flattered that Brian had thought of her.

After lunch, I went to my massage appointment. I picked out several of the things that were mixed into the ointment and it ended up smelling like a mixture of cinnamon and peppermint. Talk about a walking, talking Christmas scented girl. The massage was so calming and wonderful. I will do next to anything to trick someone into rubbing my back. That would explain why Brian paid to have a pro rub it for me. . .so he can get out of it for a while.

After the massage, I walked out to find Brian with a big grin on his face, waiting for me.

When my mom picked me up, we went over to the antique shop so I could pick out a turquoise ring. I love the ring we discovered. Check it out:

Thanks Mum. You are the best.

After my mom and I made it home, some of my friends kidnapped me.

These friends of mine took me to a tent set up in the snow, where Brian was waiting inside with dinner.

After dinner, I went home to my family where gifts were opened and chocolate cake was eaten.

My dad got all creative on us and made a 2 with the candles and the hole in the cake is the zero.

This was another gift from Brian. He made me this jewelry box. I just have to brag up his talent a little.

So many people made my 20th birthday better than I ever could have hoped. Thank you. I ended my birthday by reading the letter I wrote to myself last year. I always write myself a birthday letter for the year older Kelsey. It is always a treat to see how much I have changed over the year.

Now it is a new year. I am excited to see what happens to 20 year old Kelsey in the year 2011.


  1. How fun!! I love your outfit! You must tell me where you purchased all of it! (even the pearls ;) )

  2. Skirt and shirt both came from Downeast.

    Hat from Claires and I added the flowers onto it.

    Pearls. . .I stole them from my little sister when I was in about 8th grade. I promise I am a nice sister.


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