Friday, January 14, 2011

Red Lips

Today, I rewarded myself with a treat for making it through the first week of spring semester. I bought myself a tube of red lipstick. I usually stick to more pinkish lip colors, or nude colors, but I'm taking the plunge and going red.

I bought a tube of Maybelline Are You Red-dy. It is glorious. Gorgeous. I love it.
The beauty of red lipstick, is you don't have to wear any eye make up. Just put on some red lipstick for a fresh look. This is great, because I find it annoying to wash eye make up off. Yep, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my make up routine.

So now I can run out the door with bold lips of red, feeling fresh and free.

Or what the heck, I'll play up my eyes a bit WITH the red lips as well. Just for nights when I go out on the town. Like tonight. I have a hot date with Mr. Brian Weller.

I am going to feel like a movie star with my new red lips.

ps.. I love this dress that Taylor is wearing.

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