Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tell My Twin I Say, "Hey".

Have you ever wondered if there is another person somewhere in the universe that looks just like you? I have. I mean, really. Think of all the people in the world. There are billions of people.
Think of all the people that are living and ever have lived.
Now that is a huge amount of people.
Can there really be that many unique physical appearances of a person?
So I have always wondered if there is a girl out there like me. With my hair color, length, and texture. My skin tone. My eye shape and color. My little button of a nose. My smile. My height. My weight. My mannerisms.
And if this other girl does exist, I have often wondered where she is. If we'd meet. What she's doing.

Apparently, this other girl DOES exist and she is in this very same town of Logan, UT. She has been roaming around this very same USU campus and people keep mistaking her as me. The past couple of days I have gotten all kinds of messages from people such as:

"Hey, you are in my marketing class!"

Ew. Why would I take marketing?

"Kelsey, I said your name like six times in class and you ignored me."

It must have not been me.

"You looked right at me in physics class and gave me a weird look."

Yeah, probably because whoever that girl was, she was confused you were calling her Kelsey and acting like you were best friends. She doesn't know you apparently, man.

I just want to clear up the confusion. If I act terribly rude to you on campus, then it is probably not me being rude. It is most likely some girl that apparently looks extremely identical to me.

Either she is an imposter who is trying to sabotage all my relationships.

And must be stopped.

Or she is my long lost twin that my parents forgot to mention I had. I wonder why they decided to keep me and get rid of her?

In that case, tell her to come on over and we can dip some oreos in peanut butta' together.

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a cute kid smothered by freckles in her Parent Trap days? Ugh, so sad.

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