Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Days

I have been putting off blogging since Friday, because I don't know how to put what I am thinking into words.

Basically, Brian and I have been dating for one whole year!

A lot of people said it seemed weird that we had already been dating a year. Like it went by really fast. I agree. It was fast. Yet at the same time, it blows my mind to think I have only known this boy for 365 days. It feels like years. It feels like a lifetime. It is hard to imagine days when he wasn't my friend.

That is probably the reason we've been together a year and are still going strong. Because we seriously are best friends. The majority of boys I have dated, were not my best friends. A couple were my really good friends, but even then I was a horrible communicator. Bless Brian for having the patience to break down my wall.

I have been thinking a lot lately about where Bri and I were at a year ago. It's so funny to remember the days when I didn't know for sure what he was like. When I was just getting to know him.

I remember vividly sitting on my cousin's bed, when her roommate walked in and told me Brian Weller thought I was cute.

Brian Weller? As in Brian Weller, my home teacher?

I remember the first time we hung out (he counted it as his home teaching might I add) and we made pizza while Shayla was at work. We finished it right when she got back and we all ate it together. The first meal of many more to come, in which I sat at my table with two of my best friends. I remember putting the pizza in the oven, making small talk, and discovering we were both student body presidents.

I remember our first official date. I was nervous about eating at Tandoori Oven. It is an Indian food place inside a sketchy, little gas station. The food is actually superb though. We love it now. I remember going back to his apartment where we bleached t-shirts. I remember telling him about my most awkward kiss story (I must blog about that story eventually). I remember him saying after my story ended, that he better call the band he had lined up for our doorstep and tell them not to come this time. Then I remember being at the doorstep and asking what happened to the band. He smiled and said they took a rain check.

I remember when he informed me he wanted to play me a song on the guitar. My heart fluttered at the thought of dating a musician and I asked if he knew how. He answered, "I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb or Smoke on the Water." I remember thinking after he said that, "Oh, he's one of those boys that thinks he can play." Then I remember when he walked into my apartment, later that night, guitar in hand, ready to play Mary Had a Little Lamb for me. He ripped out the most awesome version of Mary Had a Little Lamb I have ever heard. That wasn't all. He went right in to playing several Rascals Flatt songs, Yellowcard, Edwin Mcain, Relient K. . . .you name it, he probably played it for me that night. And I sat on the couch, with my jaw dropped, and my eyes probably glazed over, being a total girl.

Every day spent with Brian has been an adventure. And I am looking forward to the hundreds of more days to come.

Here are some pictures from our night of celebrating one year. Shayla and Ryan also celebrated with us. We returned to Tandoori Oven, went M&M bowling, and got Coldstone.


  1. Cute Cute!! When you said to look for many more days does that mean your getting married???? I sure hope so.

  2. SERIOUSLY!! =) Love this post, so glad you FINALLY came to term with your love =)

  3. beautiful love story!! you should contact nicholas sparks and have him write a book about it :)

  4. Very funny, Rachel. But Brian would never allow it any ways. He hates Nicholas Sparks with a passion.

    All in good time, you guys.

  5. i love this Kelsey, no rush to get married! isn't it amazing getting to know your best friend, and everyday you learn more and appreciate him even more.... you two are adorable!

  6. Terrin. . .God bless you.

    Seriously though. I am so glad we have taken our time dating and such, because we aren't in la la land with our relationship at all. We really have grown to be best friends. I love it.


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