Monday, April 1, 2013

Silly Wabbit

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In the blink of an eye, Easter was gone and April Fools' Day arrived. I've always been a fan of April Fools'. That is, when the jokes are original. The fake pregnancies and engagements can be pretty funny, but they are just overused. Here are a few of my favorite pranks from the past (some of which I pulled and others which were pulled on me).

The Bloody Finger in a Box

This one is a classic. I slyly schemed this prank with my mom at the ripe age of seven. I guess that goes to prove I've been a big goof from a young age. I took a jewelry box with cotton inside and cut a small hole in the bottom, big enough for my finger to fit through. My mom then "bloodied" up my finger with some red paint. I then placed my bloody finger through the hole and set it on the cotton. I then placed the lid on the box (with my bloody finger inside). When I went to school, I approached my first grade teacher and excitedly told her I got her a present. Holding the box in my own hands (because I couldn't remove my finger from the box) I told her to take the lid off and look. She did. . .and there rest my finger. Childish? Maybe. But at the time I was a child, so I thought I was pretty clever. What happened from then to now?

The Clothing Bandits 

This was a prank pulled on me by my high school chums. I'll admit, it was quite hilarious. Leading up to the big day, my friends made arrangements with my mom to come over to my house while I was gone. They then went through my closet and each of them stole their own outfit from my things. That day at school, each of them arrived wearing articles of clothing from my own closet. I was confused, to say the least. The first friend I saw was Shayla. She was wearing an outfit I had just bought a few weeks prior and she had loved it when I wore it. I remember the first time I wore it to school, she had asked me where it was from. So when I saw her, I instantly thought she had gone out and bought the exact same outfit. I was a little bugged, but tried to just brush it off. Then as my other friends started showing up to school, I realized all their clothes looked oddly familiar. Sadly, it took me a couple hours to catch on to what was happening. They were awfully proud of themselves. And I'll admit, they got me good.

The Hidden Elk Urine Trick 

For you city folk, just know that elk urine reeks. Imagine the smell of human urine multiplied by one hundred. That's elk urine. They sell urine samples at sporting goods stores for hunters. It is often used in the hunt to attract animals. Anyway, my aunt cued me in on this nasty trick and I played it on Brian back when we were dating. Good thing he still liked me after it was all said and done. I was a little worried. When I purchased the elk urine, I told the little old guy workers what I was doing and their faces just lit up. They found me the most potent urine they had and kept chuckling at the thought of my evil scheme. Once I purchased the urine, I went to Brian's apartment while he was at the gym. His roommates were in on it (Brian had his own room or I'm sure they wouldn't have so kindly obliged) and let me in their place. I split the elk piss up into several small cups and hid them all around the bedroom. In a matter of minutes, the stench in the room was horrible. I actually felt pretty bad about this prank. I seriously started worrying Brian would dump me over it. Obviously, he didn't, but I do think my prank unnerved him a little. Sorry I made your room smell like elk pee, babe.

Joking on the Job 

So we pulled some pretty superb April Fools' jokes at work today. I am a morning deejay on 94.5 & 98.3 VFX. Our station plays all the current hits. Well, this morning, we added in a bunch of oldies. And when I say oldies, I mean like big band music. We had so many people texting in and asking what was wrong with our music. I thought it was quite funny. And then there was the cherry on top of the cake. We made a "breaking news" announcement that the LDS church purchased Utah State University and it would now be called BYU-Logan. People were infuriated, even after we said April Fools' at the end of the announcement. Best prank ever. Here is a link to the trick article on Cache Valley Daily. Take a gander. I hope all our listeners out there still love us and will forgive us for having a little fun.

Did anyone pull some fantastic pranks today? Or did the joke get played on you? 

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  1. I TOTALLY fell for the BYU- Logan one!!

  2. I love these pranks... Also, I loved the oldies music on the radio today. :)

    1. Ha ha, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure we had a lot of people upset with us for ruining their music.

  3. Those are some awesome pranks. You have had too much fun at your job :-)


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