Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • BWell and I find ourselves doing random things on any given Saturday (or try any given day for that matter). For instance, sometimes we go to the Willow Park Zoo and learn about wolves. And sometimes it's all families there, bringing their kids out to the zoo to learn something new, but Brian and I don't really care. And sometimes I stand in line with all the ten year olds so I can take a picture with the wolf dog too. Yeah, that's all a true story. I even have the above picture as proof. While standing in line, a seven year old boy approached me and awkwardly asked me, "Uh, are you standing in this line to pet the wolf?" I defensively answered yes and shot down all his hopes of butting in front of me. And this, my friends, is why you can't plan on Brian and I having children for another five years at least. 

  • I watched "Hell's Kitchen" for the first time last week. All I can say is there went an hour of my life I'll never get back. Also, I had no idea that cooks had such dirty mouths. And growing up, my mom didn't want me hanging around my dad's tire shop for fear I would hear naughty things. I think the kitchen has got the shop beat. 

  • Does anyone else find themselves accidentally dancing while in the grocery store? The most catchy songs are always playing over the speakers, and I guess there's just something about pushing a cart and gathering eggs that makes me wanna move it. We're not talking Sara Bareilles style here. I will usually just start walking to the beat and possibly sway my shoulders a little. 

  • I accidentally walked in the men's bathroom at church on Sunday. All my primary kids watched. That means I'll never live it down. They say an elephant never forgets. Actually, a ten year old never forgets. 

  • We saw "42" last weekend. If you haven't been yet, you must go! The clothes are amazing and Harrison Ford is looking quite dapper. Brian and I both decided we somehow were placed in the wrong time period. We should have lived in the 40's/50's.

  • Every time you follow me on Bloglovin', an angel gets his wings. Okay, not really. That's just a quote I stole from "It's A Wonderful Life". But you should still follow me there, because I'd be happy and stuff.  


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