Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Best: Comfort Clothes

cardi: Kohl's, dress: thrifted, leggings: Forever 21, boots: Zappos, belt: Forever 21, horse necklace: rue 21

Can we just talk about how leggings are my saving grace? It's guaranteed I'll be incorporating them into my outfits this week. That way, it'll take little effort for me to get comfy after I crawl home from school and work. . .just pull all clothes off except the leggings, then pull on an extra large t-shirt. Yes, I'll admit it, that is exactly what happened with this outfit. Saturday night, I took this dress off and replaced it with an old volleyball t-shirt big enough to hold a circus. And I was completely happy. 

Can we also talk about how group projects are a terrible idea? Who is the imbecile who invented those thinking it was clever? Probably some teacher who thought, "I want all my students to FAIL." The last group project I had to do, I got to be that person in the group. The one who did all the work. I have another group project due this week. My group members are awesome, but our schedules are not. We have hardly been able to meet.We still have so much to do and our presentation and papers are due Thursday. I'll just be a nervous wreck wearing leggings and overly large t-shirts until then. 

Also, can we just talk about what a comfort food mac & cheese is? The cheesiness makes me feel like my biggest homework worries are practicing my alphabet in cursive again. Those were the days. 

Happy Dead Week, and then on to finals! My leggings and my mac & cheese are going to help me through to graduation.    

What helps you survive terrible weeks? 

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  1. Really cute outfit; hmm, I can't think of what helps me survive terrible weeks. Just put one foot in front of the other.


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